Discipline Committee


Sanmati Engineering College adheres certain standards of behavior like Courtesy, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, and Safety.
A Disciplinary Committee is formed to enforce these standards of behavior to facilitate an environment that is conducive to learning and academic achievement.

There are two major areas of jurisdiction are Academic and Non – Academic.The Chairperson and other members of the committee handle cases of both the Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct. The Chairperson in the College will convene the committee, which is comprised of several senior faculty members.

Students who engage in academic misconduct or violate the standards of the College community in other ways may be brought before the College’s disciplinary committee. If students are found guilty of misconduct, the disciplinary committee has the right to impose sanctions ranging from probation to suspension or expulsion.


Principal/ Head of InstituteChairperson
HOD CivilMember
HOD MechanicalMember
HOD ElectricalMember