It is largely seen that the very first thing observed in any job interview that is fluency in English. In Corporate as well as in daily life the use of English is part and parcel. One cannot make progress without having command over English. In order to enrich student’s presentation and communication skills we introduced Language lab course to prepare students to have a successful career ahead.

Our motto behind the establishment of the Language Laboratory is to improve both oral and writing skill through the use of Audio-Visual Aids like Computers and Headphones. Considering the place of English as universally spoken & widely accepted international language, the college has established the Language Laboratory with the mission of imparting training to students. Therefore, the interested students can take the benefit of language lab even though it is not the part of the syllabus prescribed by S.G.B. Amravati University.

We have advance Laboratory with the sound system in which different quizzes are being played to train the students in phonetics. There is a set of computers through which the visual effect of teaching becomes alive.