Secretary Desk

Dear Students and Parents,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome our prospective students to Mukund Education Society’s Sanmati Engineering College, innovative and most prestigious institutes which has been founded and nurtured by far-sighted and devoted founders, envisioned to excel thereby leading to educating and developing society. Our college is not limited to only traditional disciplines but rather focused on you, the student: your needs, interests, academic and career goals. This allows us to provide an education that is uniquely aligned with your geography, career path, schedule, and aspiration. Our courses corresponds to thriving fields such as engineering and technology and reflects the needs of today’s industry.

All our institutions offer a modern blend of Masters, Bachelor and Diploma courses to meet the needs and challenges of modern world. We intend to widen the range of disciplines in near future. Our curricula reflect the industry requirements and taught by well trained and highly qualified faculty to enable our students compete in the modern job market.

We are further making education accessible by opening doors further through merit and need based scholarship through Student Scholarship Fund (SSF), which enables the underprivileged and disadvantaged students to get higher education. Our Job Placement Centre (JPC) and Counseling Service Centre (CSC) ensure job assurances for the students.

We all are aware that the rural society today is in turmoil but we must not forget that progress rarely happens without sacrifice and dedication. So I would simply ask you all if you are ready to stand up and be counted towards realization of your dreams through MES vision. If so, step in and make our region a better place to live in!!!

Wish you all the best in your journey to a better life.


Adv. Vaishali Walchale Jain

Secretary, Mukund Education Society