Principal Desk

Warm Wishes!
Today’s major challenge for an engineering  institutions are to accommodate and provide  the multitasking aspirations of today’s Industrial houses in form of various Time Bound courses to younger generation globally.

Being an affiliated Institution we  constantly put efforts to develop and  accommodate these aspirations by providing academics  with innovative and practical oriented teaching – learning processes along with other developmental activities, inorder to achieve an outcome based curriculum.

Our goal is to change life of specifically rural  youth by providing the world class  education methodology through our Institution. Our approach reflects the educational needs of the 21st century . We focus on our students by providing them with a world-class outcome based education and hands-on experience through Curricular , Co Curricular and Extra Curricular activities. The success of our undergraduate, postgraduate & research programs is supervised by our eminent faculty, who continue to set the standard for  excellence at par with other Institutions. There is continuous monitoring and control on the implementation of planned academic activities with desired results in grooming our future generation for employment and for higher studies in India and abroad. 
An academic and research culture has taking  shape in the institute through enhanced R & D activities in Post Graduate Courses . We believe in continuous development and strive to carry on the best efforts and endeavors towards the benefit of the students.

Our  results and placements speaks about our efforts and excellence as  our students bringing Name and Fame  to the Institution through Exam performances and placements in national & multinational companies, moreover our students’ creativity and determination is evident by this continuous success in various events and conferences of technology importance.
Our institution stands by its set Goals and  core values , it’s Vision and  mission for  over all development of  individuals and thorough professional ethics.
Future lies in Technology and  Young  professionals and we are happy to be a small  contributor as an Institution in rural area